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Sulphuric acid

Structural formula結構式

Product name: sulphuric acid

Chemical formula: H2SO4

Relative Molecular mass: 98.08

Chemical category: inorganic acid

Surveillance type: sulphuric acid(*)(Corrosive chemicals)(Precursor chemicals )(Explosive chemicals)

Storage: sealed tightly, kept in a dry place.

Brief introduction

Control information

sulphuric acid(Corrosive chemicals)(Precursor chemicals -3)(Explosive chemicals)

According to the Regulations of the Peoples Republic of China for the Administration of hazardous chemicals, and the Regulations of the People's Republic of China for the Administration of Precursor chemicals.

CAS No.: 7664-93-9[1]

1.Physical and chemical constant

EINECS No.: 231-639-5

Hazardous No.: 81007

Properties: Colorless & clear thick oily liquid.

Component/composition: concentrated sulphuric acid 98.0%(concentrated) 70%(can be concentrated sulphuric acid)

Density of 98% concentrated sulphuric acid: 1.84g/ml

Molar mass: 98g/mol

Molar concentration of 98% concentrated sulphuric acid: 18.4mol/L

Relative Density: 1.84.

Boiling point: 338℃

Solubility: miscible with water and ethanol

Freezing point: anhydrous acid is frozen at 10℃, 98% sulphuric acid is s frozen at 3℃.

Hybridization form of central atom: sp3[2]